by Sara Century

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released April 1, 2012

Recorded by Clay Conrad from Mouthbomb!!!



all rights reserved


Sara Century Tokyo, Japan

Kisses, rain, nu girlfriend.

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Track Name: Someday I Will Be Your Prince Again
Sleep in the wishing well, forget it all, if you don't look back I'll never turn to stone. Someday, I will be your prince again. When you get tired of all your dreams, I'll wake you up, but for now you must sleep.
Track Name: The Cat in the Grass
I can't remember a time when you weren't before me, so feel free to ignore me, because people like you have options like that, cat. Live like people, they do, and I could be I, or I could be U, and perhaps we'd all die of massive head wounds as some people do, cat. I once had nine lives, but I was your wife, yet I was a cat, in tall grass I sat, and it was a laugh, I'm funny like that, cat, I'm funny like that.
Track Name: Sleater-Kinney Cover
Sleater-Kinney wrote them so ask Sleater-Kinney, I sing them wrong anyway.
Track Name: Sexless City
She was like sunshine to me. Without her love, I grew bitter, a fact which made all ensuring winters bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter. Can't be made weak for just more sighs, just more kisses on bruised thighs, just more aching love to make, and just twice-broken hearts to break.
Track Name: Language is a Plague
In this place, we die to live, you swallow sleeping pills, and there's a lot that I could give you, but I don't think I ever will... because I can see you in my bed, but I can't feel you here, and I watch all my sighs disappear into the atmosphere... but, surely, there's no sorrow, that can't be put on hold until tomorrow... in the land of disease, you'd wear protective gloves, we'd dance around like circus fleas, and mistake pain with love, but I can't help but feel that sometimes you're set up to fail, and language is a plague which we inflict upon ourselves... still, I'll stick here for a round or two, and wish that I were fun, like you. I feel like I could fall in love again and again and again and again...
Track Name: I Love You, Lightning Bug
I trust you, Lightning Bug, because I keep your in a jar, and even if you wanted to leave, I know you can't get very far. All my heart is cracked open on the pavement like that jar, but somehow I suspect that it's all just fine with you, Lightning Bug. Look at what you've done, it's no fair.
Track Name: Everything
You are full of stars, you know, you are full of death and dreams, you are full of everything, you are full of every little thing. Little familiar bugs and trees, and strange earthly things, I'm a lot like you, too. When I die, I will rot, and we all rot in the dirt, and we will all just be the dirt, because all we ever were was dirt.
Track Name: Metaphorical Song About Salt Water
I could run a race today / We're all so the same / Or so you say / Unless you East or West me / I know I can't stay / We're all just the same / Or so you say / But I feel I am lost at sea / And nobody can come for me / But if only I could see the shore / I'd never be afraid no more / Fuck fucking albino what the fuck do I know I'm a fucking albino
Track Name: Cindy, You're Wonderful (I Want to Be a Queer European Dance Sensation)
Salamanders slip and slide out of the walls / I stare at the ceiling, then nothing at all / Such a pretty picture / Or so I thought / I pray to the streets / Where I have walked / But go me via city / Or go me via sea / There's a black rain cloud / Hanging right over me
Track Name: When I Was in the Circus
When I was in the circus, life was divine. You were an acrobat. I could read minds. What difference could it make to me, now... if you tore out my eyes, since you took my sweetest love, and left me far behind? You're so unkind.